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Thanks, Day Twenty-Four

A random mishmash of photo memories…

Today, I’m thankful for Oregon State University. This post is belated because I was busy watching OSU lose our annual Civil War game against University of Oregon. For the fifth year in a row. I drank a lot of beer last night. But the thing is, OSU brought so many great people, experiences, and things into my life. I never would have cared about football if I hadn’t gone to a (at the time) Pac-10 school. I met friends who are still some of my closest, even if we all live far apart from each other. From the very start a fluke last-minute change is how Christine became my freshman year roommate and we became best friends almost immediately. And over the years we’d reminisce about all the chance experiences and moments that caused a chain reaction leading us to something even greater. Thanks to OSU I worked on the newspaper, which lead to my internship at a small personal finance magazine in Corvallis which lead to my first job in NYC. Choosing a merchandising degree lead to me taking a chance on getting an internship at a fashion magazine in NYC, and thanks to working at the newspaper I had other friends coming to the city as well that summer, which is how I met Steph who became an amazing friend. The college experience is full of ups and downs, but I like that I can look back and see that a lot was put into motion during those years. Of course there are things I would like to change or do better, but I’m also pretty happy with the experience. And man, I REALLY miss the pacific northwest. It is so nice out there.

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