Thanks, Day Thirty


Oh hey friends, it’s the last day of this series. Today, I’m thankful for fleece blankets. And fleece everything. I’m currently writing this wrapped in a fleece blanket after a fun night out with a friend, skating and boozing (but not at the same time). I have many, many fleece blankets in my apartment. Before I graduated to colder weather coats as a “grown up” (pshhh), I lived in fleece jackets in Oregon. Fleece is so soft and cozy and happy. Fleece pants are magical. The fleece blanket on my bed is sometimes almost too warm. But I love it. Fleece is a great fabric.

And there we have it: 30 days of thanks. It’s been fun. I almost thought I’d give up a few times, but as you can probably tell, I can write a lot on the right kind of topic. Now, I need to make some grilled cheese and eat the cookies my mom sent me and then catch up on a ton of sleep. For the record: I will never complain about being cold ever again. Something went wrong in my building last night and the heat was around, oh, 90 degrees. My radiators were basically on fire. Imagine the hottest gross summer day, and add heat suffocation. Yeah. Time to catch up on real sleep and enjoy cold weather for not trying to kill me (at the moment). Annnnndddddd…. scene.

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