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It’s Gonna Be A Happier New Year

Well here we are — it’s 2013. I’m torn between the idea of doing a sweeping recap or a more specific one, but I’m also pretty hungover still so I can’t be too ambitious. Thinking about where my life was and the state of mind I was in a year ago is mostly laughable. I mean, I had a pretty terrible NYE for 2012, but the rest of the year itself turned out pretty well. In comparison, I rang in 2013 with friends and champagne at a bar and just had a ton of fun.

Side note: Unlike in previous years, I’ll spare you the long ridiculous recap of getting myself back to Albany after going to SoCal for Christmas. But for the record, it was a doozy. I just need to stop traveling in December.

I started 2012 by going through a breakup, moving into a new apartment by myself, and finding a whole new group of friends. I may not have written about it at the time, but I’ll always think it was serendipitous that I met Brigette when I did as it streamlined perfectly into making my year so much better than I could have imagined.


This year I reclaimed my independence by having fun, being more fearless, and chasing the things I wanted. I stumbled a lot too, falling into some craziness, causing problems for myself, and doubting what I was doing with my life. Given that this year is the first time in my life I’ve ever really “dated” like a normal twenty-something, I learned so much about myself. It’s been fun-slash-challenging and I still get frustrated (both with myself and others), but I continue to believe in trusting your instincts. Plus, ask anyone and they’ll tell you how hard it can be to date in smaller insular city like Albany. That’s why I feel so lucky to have great friends that put up with my bitching and give me hope.


I made trips downstate to see Mary in New Jersey, both to hang out acting silly at her house all weekend and to go into NYC to have even sillier adventures. I definitely need to visit her even more this year! The crazy Albany summer promises I heard lived up to my expectations, starting with day trip shenanigans at Barberville Falls. There was a lot of stoop action and pool lounging, fireworks (literal and not so much), and a continuation of my clumsiness.

I made an amazing new long distance friend (hi Trisha!) as well as staying in touch with another friend who left me for Boston. And, holy crap, my mom came to visit! I made another huge change by leaving my comfy job in Troy to take a new job in Bennington, VT, to advance my career. I spent the whole month of November writing about what I’m thankful for daily. It was a challenge but also re-sparked my desire to write more. I’m trying to write more off the blog to come up with more unique content and really stretch my skills.


My goals for the new year are mostly focused around being honest with myself and others about what I want and how I feel. Over time I’ve grown way too accustomed to bending to what everyone else wants in fear of stirring the pot, but that doesn’t make me happy. So I’m planning to continue to work hard at my new job, maintain my friendships, and keep my sanity in check while trying to date. I’m always happiest when there big changes on the table to look forward to and new challenges too.

3 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be A Happier New Year

  1. Yes! Visit me more! And maybe I’ll find an allergy med that won’t put me to sleep and I can come visit you for some upstate fun. 🙂

    Also – we’ll be each other’s cheerleaders in the writing/blogging department. I’m thinking we need to come up with at least one question a week for us to answer. Y/Y?

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