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The Power of Vulnerability


OK, so the last few days this thought keeps popping into my head: “holy crap, I haven’t blogged in forever.” But that hasn’t led to any revelations. I still don’t know what to write about. I’ve been working on my pipe dream project for 2013, writing something “for” the NYT’s Modern Love column. I know it’s silly to think I have the perspective or the chops to submit something worthy, but I’m pretty much moved by every single one I read so I figured it was an ambitious goal to strive toward. It’s also very rough, off-the-blog type writing.

In other news, I’ve been watching some Ted Talks and just discovered 30 Rock. I know, for shame. I’m not sure where I dropped the ball on that either. I think the first time I tried to get into it was bad timing in my life. I just started watching a few days ago, so you know, I’m at about season 4 right now. And I went out and bought Bossypants. Diving headlong into the new obsession. It’s possible that I’ve been a huge grump lately. Maybe it’s in part because my apartment is now unpredictable noise hell hole and I’m overly anxious. It might also be that I’m in planning mode, which causes equal parts excitement and anxiety. Mostly anxiety.

Rambling is brief, and I’m out…

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