Holy Moly Matrimony

For better or for worse, I haven’t been to many weddings. This is definitely the stage of life where engagements, weddings, and babies flood the Facebook stream. However, not many of my closest friends have gotten hitched.

Well, the first was Ben and Erin during our 3rd year of college. That was a fun, crazy night out with the reception at a nearby bar leading to clubbing in Salem with Ben’s British groomsmen. At the time, the pound was doing wayyyy better than the dollar.

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Then there was this adventure in Mississippi.


When my friends Blair and Chris announced they were getting married after being together for 7 years, I couldn’t have been happier. No matter what, I was going to their wedding. Of course, it helped that they both still live near our hometown and the wedding took place there as well. Not only do I get an excuse to go to a wedding by the beach, but I get to see my family more than the usual once a year visit.

Beach! and Katie!
Beach! and Katie!

You see, the union of Blair and Chris is a very special thing. Katie gets the full official credit for hooking them up in the summer of 2006, but the four of us have a kind of interesting, intertwined history. Katie and Blair grew up on the same block. Blair and I became friends in middle school, and we got closer in high school. I’ve known Katie since elementary school but we didn’t become inseparable until later in high school. We’d all know Chris a bit here and there, but it wasn’t until our Europe trip after high school graduation that Chris and I really became friends. Once in college, Katie would escape to Oregon to come visit me for weekends. I went to Santa Clara to visit Katie once. We both spent a short weekend in San Diego with Chris. But it was Memorial Day Weekend in Oregon that was a special vacation for the three of us. And once Chris started dating Blair, she came into the Oregon madness as well.

Sunriver 2007
Sunriver 2007: we’re all hungover

Those crazy kids stuck together while Katie and I traveled around trying to figure out our lives. Katie was able to get back and see them more than me between Peace Corps and going to grad school, and the four of us hadn’t all been together since Christmas 2010 I believe. I personally hadn’t seen Chris and Blair since right before leaving for Albany in April 2011. The wedding reunion was fantastic!

IMG_1116So much happiness. The wedding was short and sweet with great vows from the love birds, while the reception was full of booze and dancing and funny speeches. It was only a mini high school reunion with some familiar faces from nearly a decade ago (A DECADE OH MY GOD), and it was great to catch up with everyone. Beach, wedding, family, friends = success.

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