Oh hey. Remember that time I spent a month doing a photo-a-day challenge? And that other month where I did a daily post about what I’m thankful for? Well, I’ve been meaning to try to combine to two. See, I like the idea of a vague prompt for the photo challenge, but I also enjoyed the thankful posts where I had plenty to say. Basically, I miss flexing those free-for-all writing muscles, so I’m creating a hybrid challenge for myself. At halfway through June, there’s less commitment so I can find out just how well this works.

Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 6.23.04 PM

Family. Today is Father’s Day. I can’t tell you the last time I was actually in California for this holiday. Maybe 2005? I think that was the summer I actually came back from Oregon. As my brother and I have gotten older and less available with our super cool busy lives, my family has adapted by getting into video chatting. It started with FaceTime but that only works through two people. (Right? I could be making that up.) When I happened to be home for Mother’s Day last month the three of us FaceTime’d with my brother. This time we got into the Google Hangout thing and had a fancy chat time. I tend to call my mom relatively often to stay in touch, but there really is something different about being able to see someone. I think it helps with being far away and the fact that I almost never go home. Of course, there’s sharing of random stuff and trying to get cats in frame to say hello (yes, we are the crazy cat family). My mom is headed to Hawaii with an old friend in a few days so it’s extra nice to get to see her before that send off. Video chatting, so hot right now.

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