If You Have to Ask, You’re Streets Behind


The above picture is my block last year when it was being repaved. Pretty cool looking. Despite the building I live in being kind of “eh” in the looks department, my neighborhood is full of pretty streets. I’m not sure I have much to say about this topic really, but I guess I have some thoughts. Like, moving to Albany, the streets very much have meanings, or have had meaning ascribed to them. Hudson is the location of my friend “crew” – or at least it was for a time. That could change. But it held a great deal of power, in the sense that you could just say, “Hey, what’s new over on Hudson?” And of course there are the bar streets, Lark and Madison. I have a better knowledge of the order of our US presidents thanks to the street layout in Corvallis. The last time I was in Portland I saw all kinds of streets that served as inspiration to Matt Groening for the Simpsons (or vise versa?), such as Quimby and Flanders. And those are my thoughts on “street.”

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