This is Where I Leave You


Currently Reading.

When I was heading back to California for the wedding last month, I knew I would need a good book or two to get me through the long flights and connections. I ended up getting through almost the entirety of Marian Keyes’s The Brightest Star in the Sky over the trip. The second book, however, I only am just getting into lately. This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper seems like a solid book so far. I’ll admit that I first heard about this book via movie casting news. I love browsing bookstores. Usually. But then sometimes I get caught up in not knowing what to get and you can only base so much on pure guesswork or past references. I really loved Chuck Klosterman’s “The Invisible Man,” but another book of his I picked up at the time just didn’t speak to me.

Anyway, I’m getting through this new book slowly. I tend to keep my current reading underneath a pillow on my bed and read a bit before falling asleep. This makes for a very slow process. I love the act of reading books though, which is why I don’t listen to audio books. Also? I’m lazy. And way too into podcasts. As I’m starting to try and write more, I know that reading more is just as important. When I saw Junot Diaz speak at SUNY Albany last year he emphasized that aspect, as I’m sure many authors do. Reading how other people craft words and worlds is important to figuring out your own writing and process. I really love to read but I find it hard to fit in among all the other things I don’t seem to manage to get around to doing. Reading several pages a night or every few nights is definitely not enough.

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