Rrred Panda



Okay, so clearly this experiment has not gone incredibly well. But it’s summer and I’ve had a hard time sitting down to write. (Excusesssss) I may still try to keep it up and just try to get a few prompts in here and there. Some of these words really are too vague and better meant for photos anyway. Anyway, today the word is red, which is perfect. I happen to be a tad obsessed with red pandas. They’re adorable. It was a big deal this week with the red panda that got lost from the National Zoo in D.C. Luckily the little guy was found, and this post reminds me about the greatness of red pandas. There’s even a website to locate where red pandas are near you. I’m not saying I plan on stealing a red panda some day, but I probably will. My cat would love having a new friend.

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