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Home Sweet Home

Welcome to my new home in Troy:


Well, it has been quite the busy and exciting month since moving into my new Troy apartment. Just as the heat wave was breaking I spent the day (along with the lovely strong BF and friends) moving my belongings and sweating up a storm. And because it’s me, I ended up smashing my hand in a door frame on the last piece of furniture.

It has taken time to clean up the place and get settled. It has also been way more of a pain to get basic utilities set up, as well as an oven that actually works fully. But hey, it’s pretty darn great compared to where I was. My commute is much less headache-inducing and I love having such a large space.

A new couch has been ordered. The kitty has a fancy new cat tree. I have a bedroom that is too large for its own good, and so my next step is to create a sewing corner. For years I’ve been saying I wanted to get a sewing machine and reignite that hobby in my spare time, but I’ve never had the space or the means. Work has been going well (plus a raise, heyooo!) and I’m in a good place to start doing more at home.

Oh Troy, I've missed you and your fun handmade signs.
Oh Troy, I’ve missed you and your fun handmade signs.

The place isn’t perfect, but it feels more like home than any place I’ve lived in a long time. And it’s my home for the next year, and it can only get better.

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