Sewing Misadventures

If you sew it…

Ever since I left for college I’ve been trying to get a sewing machine into my various homes. I mean, I started out as an apparel design major in college, and when I decided I wanted to keep sewing as a hobby I figured I’d need my own machine. However, buying a sewing machine was never in the cards, usually due to space and cost. But mostly space. When you live in box-sized apartments there just won’t be room for a spare project area. Of course, if you’ve looked at the pictures from my newest apartment here in Troy, you’ll see that I do in fact have a ton of space for once. Thanks to my huge spacial expanse, I decided to create a sewing corner in my bedroom. Honestly, the room looked to big and empty without something extra there. It started slowly, still, with just a folding chair that sat lonely in my room. Next I found a reasonably priced desk/table to build. The last, biggest financially draining step, was to get the sewing machine. After some hesitance I decided on a decently priced Singer machine and sucked it up and bought it.

So pretty!
So pretty!

It is so exciting to have a sewing machine again! My first project is a bit silly, but necessary. I’d been using the same cloth bag for my lunch stuff that I got from my Glamour internship in 2007. It was rather beat up, and after the umpteenth time of spilling coffee in it (no spill mugs my ass!), I tossed the poor thing. I decided to try out making my own tote bag, but since I’m scared of getting close to malls in the holiday season I wasn’t feeling a trip to buy fabric. However, I do have a bright blue curtain that ended up not working in my apartment, so I cut the thing apart and started working, while watching “Company” on Netflix. (You guys, Raul Esparza’s voice!)


The result is rather decent. I wasn’t sure at first how hard it would be put in the bottom piece on the tote but it worked out. After pulling dimensions for the tote online I just winged the rest of it. It feels very bright, but I like it. Since lately my temporary plastic bags for lunch fall apart as I try to rush out the door in the morning, this will be a welcome change.

One thought on “If you sew it…

  1. Nice work! My sewing skills are limited to pillows as of right now but you have inspired me to get back in there, as I’ve been saying I would do for months. It’s great how you reused that fabric too! Cute tote!

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