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The Whole Package

I’m not sure what you were thinking this post will be about based on the title, but it’s not that. I’m a pop culture, news obsessed media person. I can’t help it. I sometimes have to remove myself from Twitter because I can’t stop consuming the news stories and conversations. There are positives to being connected, but constantly consuming someone else’s work instead of making your own is a tricky downhill slide. And I’m definitely guilty. Where is that saying from? I wish I remembered where I read/heard/saw that.

Anyway. Far off in the-actual-point land: I get hooked into TV shows. And books. And people. When I first started watching 30 Rock on Netflix I couldn’t stop, although I was several years late to that party. The next day I went out and bought Tina Fey’s book, Bossypants. I’m not usually like that. I like to think about things for a while or not get all-consumed with every aspect of a new thing. I wish I could say why but I don’t know. I did really enjoy getting into Tina Fey’s head and watching 30 Rock. The way people write, if it’s a way I connect with, immediately makes me feel bonded to them.


OK, so maybe we’re not at actual-point-land yet. (Do you like the change in hyphens? I do.) I got Marc Maron’s book Attempting Normal for Christmas. I had plenty of downtime and sunshine to enjoy while in Southern California, so I got through half the book before flying back to NY. All my flight and layover time meant that I finished the book right before my connection to Albany took off. I only started listening to his WTF podcast late in 2012, when I started commuting to Vermont for my new job. That meant I knew in vague terms a lot about his life but, as I learned through reading, I knew none of the real gritty details. In so many ways I’m absolutely nothing like Marc Maron. Probably most ways. But I get his writing and his brain processes so well.

Despite all that I wasn’t sure if I’d really like his IFC show Maron. I know how acclaimed Louie C. K.’s show is and I’ve still never made it through an episode. I default to happy, silly things these days, unless it’s a deep and thoughtful movie and I’m feeling bummed out. The overwhelming awkward sad-life-truth thing though seems like a TV show I don’t need when I can just live life. Who knows, though, my thoughts could change. Since it hit Netflix, I decided to check out Maron and powered through five episodes. It’s not mind blowing, but I like it. It’s 22 minutes (or whatever), pretty fast paced and while relates to life and darkness, it’s also clever and funny. There can be something very fulfilling about listening to someone else ruminate about the very things you toss around in your head.

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