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That’s More Like It

Today has that special kind of feel in the air. It’s still cold, but crisp and against the bright sun in the morning. For whatever reason, it just brings me a feeling of being ready to conquer the world. Maybe it’s just the optimal temperature. Anyway.

If you like reading great introspective and inspirational articles on creative people, you should probably check out The Great Discontent. I don’t always identify with their more artistically focused subject — I love drawing comics, but c’mon, I am not an artist in that way. However today they posted an interview with Austin Kleon, who is someone that has walked the line of art and writing in a way I can really relate to. Maybe it’s unfair, but I think the interviews with people who have a writing background and rely on writing at least a little in their work are more interesting. I mean, that’s how they work, so their insights are going to be better than those who communicate strictly through art and music. At least that’s the impression I’ve gotten sometimes through the profiles I enjoy and the ones I don’t.


As for today’s outfit, it’s nothing special. It does feels nice to not feel like I NEED to wear boots right now. Hell, I can even park my car actually next to the curb on my block now that the ice/snow has melted!


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