Level 5 Laser Lotus

A brief story about my relationship with sewing – I’ve been making clothes since I was a kid (starting with jumpers and pillows in elementary school) and even majored in apparel design for a year in college. Something that’s never changed about my relationship with sewing is my desire to cut corners. It’s not that I don’t want to make something good… I just like doing it my way. Which is much different to my approach compared to most things where I very much follow rules and recipes and harp on people about logic and such. So that makes sewing and making clothes my kind of free-for-all time. I use a pattern and read the instructions and then I just kind of see what happens. (One rule of thumb is never look at the inside of a garment I make because you’ll see all the sewing “guts.”) For instance, the bathrobe pattern I started making was missing some pieces, and I chose generally scrap type fabric to play around with. This has resulted in some random choices and a robe that looks a lot like it fits with the Reformed Neo-Buddhist cult Pierce belonged to on Community.

Community - Season 5That’s the basic reveal of the robe. I’m going to play around with it some more, and probably shorten it and maybe add some pockets as well as a tie. I laughed a lot when I realized how silly it turned out, but that was the point. I’m going to plan another outfit (maybe a dress… those are easy) and purchase some better fabric and give it a more serious attack. Except for the part where I broke a needle, this was a really fun first foray back into sewing. Huzzah!

Today's outfit post robe
Today’s outfit post robe

Also just because… my cat is adorable. (Sometimes.)

photo 1

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