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Conquering Mountains


It has been a crazy past few days! The adventure began on Friday when Jeremy and I drove downstate to camp with his sister and her girlfriend. We were all gathered to cheer on Jeremy during his 2nd 50 mile ultra marathon race – the Northface Endurance Challenge. We had a verrrryyy early morning to get started (2am!) and there was a comedy of errors to get started, of course. (Dead car battery, deer on the roads, pot holes, etc.)


The area was gorgeous and had a great energy about it. After sending Jeremy off at the 5am start time, I went to charge my phone at the hotel on the field. I had the pleasure of eavesdropping on a bridal party pissed about the loud noise the morning of their wedding – which is hilarious, and also insane to think the hotel would book a wedding knowing there’s a HUGE weekend of races happening, from 50 miles to 5k.  Anyway. Next I got picked up by Jeremy’s sister and gf and we headed to the 8 mile check point. I’m not the most organized or prepared person in life, so rest assured I did a hilariously bad job on crewing. Not really, but there was a lot of “did you bring this?” and my response being “… crap!” But I had water and sandwiches, which were top priority.


After leaving him to continue on with some new runner friends along the course, the ladies and I hung out at the camp site and ended napping a bit. I got a call early from Jeremy who decided to drop out of the race. The course was more technical than he planned and he figured stopping early while he was hurting but uninjured was the right call. The days of rain before the race didn’t help, and even some of the most extreme runners fell out of the race due to injury or whatnot. Some dude broke his freaking femur! So I’m glad Jeremy made it out in one piece. We headed back to the start/finish to meet him and took advantage of the free goodies, beer, and food.

He’s still a winner to me!

Remember when I said I was a terribly unorganized person? I had been so busy at least trying to be on top of everything for Jeremy I neglected myself, and pretty much didn’t drink any water that day. Don’t worry though, I had two beers! And got sun burned! What I’m saying is that after the race and revelry and the drive back to Troy, Jeremy and I were both pretty dilapidated. I was pretty sure I was dying (dehydrated) and he was limping about slowly. We chugged water, napped, woke up to make waffles, and went back to bed until morning.

Smart choices.
Smart choices.

Sunday was a fabulous day of replenishing calories, and yes I participated all the same as if I had also run for 5 hours the day before. Sushi, pastries, and renting DVDs at the library. A post for another day, but damn I’m so excited to have a library card again after several years. Free books and movies! Huzzah! </nerdout>

Outside of the technical difficulty of the mountains Jeremy is still in great shape! We joked he should run a marathon this weekend just because. The more realistic idea is that we’re going to go hike an Adirondack mountain instead. I will never be a trail runner, because that’s like signing up to fall on my face and break a bone, but I love to hike. As I’m getting back into running, I think a detour to conquer a mountain on a beautiful weekend sounds like a good recovery plan.

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