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Everything’s Coming Up… Blahp.

This picture just makes me laugh. It was pre-Snow Hole hike two weekends ago. The snow hole is a small cave you discover after trekking 3 miles and melting your face off. There was still ice in there and it was probably a good 20 degree cooler, which was a nice reprieve. It has all kinds of cool engravings and what not, and we met an adorable couple trying to find the oldest possible dates.


This weekend Jeremy and I went to check out Albany’s first renaissance faire. Mary took me to the NY Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo last year – my first time, but I was hooked almost immediately! We spent all day wandering around and eating great food and enjoying the huzzah-ness of it all.

Well, Albany’s first go at the faire was a very solid first effort. Obviously it was a lot smaller than the big timers. We hung around for a bit though and got to see a few good shows. Mainly, the Vixens En Garde doing a retelling of Hamlet (that’s where my headline comes from… the part where every body dies!). We also got stopped by a man dressed up as a dragon selling ice cream, who felt compelled to give us some “dragon wisdom” and he gave me beads. Shiny things!


Ousting: the newest ren faire sport. You just go around yelling at people to get out.


Monkey on fire?!?


Hilarious ladies making puns and doing Hamlet.


The faire was at Indian Ladder Farms so we of course had to hang out with the goats and other animals.


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