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Graffiti Tagging

Maybe I’m late to the party on this one, but spray paint is fun. I have a white bathroom trash can that I’d been planning to replace because it’s boring, but then I decided I could spray paint the inside of it for some contrast. I need to buy some paints and brushes too… I think there’s potential for more elaborate designs on the sides.

Anyway. I haven’t gotten to my bathroom just yet. After several months of having a dilapidated kitchen trash can where the lid latch broke, I finally bought a new one that uses a foot pedal. It was beautiful, pristine white plastic. And then I looked at the smooth white top of it and immediately thought to myself, “yep, I’m painting the shit out of that.” I grabbed masking tape and created a very original design, and then spray painted away. It takes some getting used to for the paint flow. I probably should have held the can farther away but I was in my bathroom and didn’t properly cover any of the floor so I tried to keep the spray close. After several bursts of paint and evaluating just how saturated I wanted it to look, I waited for the paint to dry. (But I didn’t watch it) Then I peeled off the tape and voila! Awesome new trash can. Except now I kind of wish I wrote out “rubbish” instead. Plenty of white space to play with still, though.

photo 1

In other news, if I don’t come home with a second cat any time soon it’ll be a miracle. It’s kitten season and there’s been a constant flow of adorable kittens coming through. They don’t last long though — people adopt them very quickly. I feel worse for the “adult” cats no one wants who hang around longer even though they’re only around 2 years old. I’ve never had a kitten but my personal take is that if you get an adult cat you get to skip the hard stuff. Kittens require a lot of work! Also: incredibly adorable.


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