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Lessons to Less the Stress

It’s new series time! Feel free to roll your eyes at me, as I know I tend to pick up new hobbies or trends and then let them fall to the wayside. Here’s the breakdown: throughout the month of July I’ll be posting about something that have been recommended for stress-relief. Topics will range from common ideas that have stuck with me, tips from curated lists online, and offbeat ideas crowd-sourced from friends. (And yes, I originally tried to plan this out for EVERY day of July… but plans, man. So the posting may be sporadic but I have a list of at least 15 ideas!)

I’m a stressed out, anxious person a lot of the time, and I’m also a hyper aware, empathetic introvert. Life can feel way too much sometimes. Add in the fact that I commute about an hour each way to work on a two-lane road (i.e. getting stuck behind trucks or slow drivers and plotting Frogger-style passes) and sometimes my stress levels become absurd. I HAVE STRONG FEELINGS ABOUT ROAD ETIQUETTE, OK?! There have been more reports lately that stress-related health problems are on the rise because our stress response as humans is the same whether someone is holding a gun to our face, or if some asshole just cut us off in traffic. That’s a problem, obviously. Another report states that some people’s brains are more wired to be stressed vs. stress resistant. Hooooray!

I may never fully relax on my commute, but if I can make my life more relaxing outside of that I see that as a bit of progress. Like my month of giving thanks for Thanksgiving series, hopefully this month of testing will produce a tactic or two I’ll stick with long term for stress release.

Because clearly I am #tooblesstobestressed. Hashtag I’m sorry. Hashtag no I’m not.

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