10 mile achievement: unlocked

Pre-race excitement

This weekend I ran my first 10-mile race! In many ways, it was a huge success (I finished! We supported furry friends! Jeremy won beer!).

The Jest Run was put on by Weyerbacher Brewing and the proceeds supported local animal rescues and organizations.

Feeling good early on

My training for this race had been pretty great overall, even with the heat and humidity. I had hoped a race in late September would be forgivi

ng, but I did not get so lucky with this one. Even though there was a little bit of a rain shower in the beginning, the humidity was killer. I also think nutrition-wise I should have had a Gu on me instead of just ShotBlocks.

Free beer! (I’m dying inside)

Jeremy ran the 5-mile race and placed for his age group (woo!). He even found me at about 0.7 from the finish and ran in with me. He was very supportive as I struggled to finish (but I wasn’t last!). The 10-mile course had one INSANE hill right after mile 5 that did me in. It was hard to recover but I tried to keep up my momentum when I could.

After the race we bused back to the brewery and celebrated… briefly. Then, it’s fair to say now, that I must have had a bit of heat stroke. I really did my best to enjoy the people, puppies, and music, but I also spent some time throwing up in the porta potties. #racelife

Looking forward to a race with more temperate conditions! But I’m still glad I finished this one.

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