Cat Lady

Meet Callie

It was a weird couple of months without having a cat in the house. I had a pretty rough summer. Oh, and I started a new job, because of course. Timing, you know?


I got my fix from our neighborhood love, Panda. He’s one of the coolest cats I know, and I think he knew I needed him this summer.


At the end of September, Jeremy and I decided it was time to find a furball. We spent a few weeks checking out the lists at local shelters, and then made a day out of meeting some potential new family members. We almost gave up, but we decided to visit one last shelter to meet “Alisha.” She was a beautiful cat but we weren’t sure… until we met her. We both fell in love. Of course, she’s a beautiful gal. But she’s got sass. She’s allegedly 2 years old, but sure acts like a kitten. She also was a stray previously, so there may just be some additional adjustment time as she gets used to living in a safe place and being queen of the castle.



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