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I’m an experienced creative working in healthcare. I spent years as a copywriter at a managed markets agency, which is where I discovered my love of healthcare. I’m currently content marketing strategist at a digital start-up in Seattle focused in oncology patient relationship management. You could say I heart words. And making a difference. Writing and researching is my jam. Other things I love include: my adventurous partner Jeremy, my new furball Callie (RIP my furball in crime Sabrina, pictured above), running, mountains, the PNW, and bad puns.

Random Facts:

  • I grew up in Southern California, in a small town by the beach called Palos Verdes. I love visiting my parents and going to the beach (and eating all the tacos)
  • I never cared about football until I went to college at Oregon State, a Pac-10 team (what is it now? Pac-12?). We aren’t always the best, but I’ll still keep cheering.
  • I moved to NYC after college with no plan and a six-month get out of dodge clause. I lucked out by finding a job six weeks in. I spent nearly two years at an ambitious start-up until it got shut down, learning a lot about working in online content and digital marketing
  • I’m somewhat theater obsessed, although I have a habit of returning to shows I love. If you engage me in theater talk I may get too excited and demand you go see shows immediately
  • This post adds a little bit to my story
  • After 3 years of living in Brooklyn I moved upstate to Troy, NY. (You may have heard that Troy is the new Brooklyn
  • I ended up feeling really at home and met some great people so I decided to stick around for almost 5 years. The Capital Region sent some great things my way in the form of great friends, fun adventures, and a solid job. Not to mention I met my fiance, Jeremy. He’s pretty great
  • In September 2015 I made the trek down to Princeton, New Jersey and started my career in advertising
  • May 2017 – Jeremy got a job in Seattle and we embarked on our PNW adventure! It feels good to be back on the west coast


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