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In The Heights: The Movie

I can barely express how excited I am about this movie! A part of my me thought it would never happen. But the team behind this have clearly created something special. In The Heights was such a huge part of my life when I lived in NYC. This trailer gives me chills. Truly cannot wait for June.

Cat Lady

Meet Callie

It was a weird couple of months without having a cat in the house. I had a pretty rough summer. Oh, and I started a new job, because of course. Timing, you know?


I got my fix from our neighborhood love, Panda. He’s one of the coolest cats I know, and I think he knew I needed him this summer.


At the end of September, Jeremy and I decided it was time to find a furball. We spent a few weeks checking out the lists at local shelters, and then made a day out of meeting some potential new family members. We almost gave up, but we decided to visit one last shelter to meet “Alisha.” She was a beautiful cat but we weren’t sure… until we met her. We both fell in love. Of course, she’s a beautiful gal. But she’s got sass. She’s allegedly 2 years old, but sure acts like a kitten. She also was a stray previously, so there may just be some additional adjustment time as she gets used to living in a safe place and being queen of the castle.



Ramblings · Travel


It’s hard to believe that 6+ years into dating, Jeremy has been to Europe several times but we hadn’t actually traveled together. Now at his current job, he goes at least once a year. I didn’t want to try to tack a trip for us on top of his conference work, so we strategically picked a week in the summer when his conference/travel schedule is a bit lighter.


We went through several iterations of where we wanted to go and how we’d do it, but for only a week we tried to keep it simple. A lovely couple from Wales we met very kindly were like, ‘oh, you have just the week?’ Of course, they were on month 2 of their honeymoon, so we were no where on their level.

Anyway, we spent the first half in Paris, with a day trip to Reims (for an awesome e-bike champagne tour), and the last half in Amsterdam, with a day trip riding a motorbike through the countryside (old dutch towns, omg!). It was truly fantastic.

Cat Lady

There is never a right time

IMG_2869Jeremy and I are heartbroken to announce that we had to say goodbye to our sassy gal Sabrina this weekend. 7+ years with her was a gift but still doesn’t feel like enough. I was lucky enough to have her by my side through so many different adventures, including upstate NY, Princeton, and Seattle moves. Sabrina was hard not to love and she won over so many people; she even converted Jeremy to a cat-person (Jeremy in turn converting Sabrina to a lap cat). There is never a ‘right’ time, but I’m glad we were able to let her go in peace while at home with her humans by her side.


Ramblings · Travel

Go Beavs!

This Thanksgiving we decided to head south for the Civil War! The Civil War (between Oregon State and UO) was in Corvallis this year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so I thought it would be a great time for Jeremy to get another visit to the OSU campus! The last time we visited it was a 100+ degree heatwave and I had a sinus infection. Honestly, I forgot how fun it is to tailgate. Plus we stomped around campus and visited many of my old haunts. It was a great time… lets not mention the game 😉



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BoJack Horseman Season 4

Wow. I mean, holy shit. Season 4 hit me like a ton of bricks. BoJack Horseman has always been a smart, dark, creative, funny show to me, but they really hit it out of the park with this season. The first season takes some set up and then gets really wild (Downer Ending ftw). The second season shows more depth with so much creative insanity with all this sadness lingering underneath (the end of Let’s Find Out!). However, season 3 was so effing dark. Honestly, I have a hard time returning to many of those episodes because of how it ended. It was just SO real. And so dark.

But season 4. I started out with the first two episodes and loved the different approach. A whole episode without BoJack, and then an episode introducing a lot of family history. The next day I thought I could dose a few episodes here and there. But then I couldn’t stop. And I knew I’d finish the season in a day and I’d be like…

diane bojack s4

No regrets. But all of the gut punches. And amazing stories. And the guest stars. I mean, seriously, the end credits always blows me away with the celebrity names.

But the meat of the season: The storyline with BoJack’s daughter half-sister and his mother being well into dementia (and those flashbacks, especially in episode 11, WOAH) kept taking turns in ways I did not expect. Mr. Peanut Butter and Todd have the wackier of storylines but still show their character’s depth while introducing new wacky arcs.

Princess Caroline and Diane’s story lines are so nuanced and painful… I can’t wait to see what happens next. The sweet glory of ending the season on a positive note for BoJack was truly necessary. There are so many winning parts of so many episodes I don’t even know how to parse it out. The episode inside BoJack’s head and depression and anxiety (Stupid Piece of Shit) was just… spot on. Princess Caroline’s future story that makes her feel better when she has a bad day… omfg. I’m going to just ramble story points to myself now. Because, and I’m serious, OMFG BoJack Horseman season 4. Way. To. Go.

Bojack PC season 4

I already had a knee-jerk reaction just to restart the season all over again. It’s truly that good.


Fun Home.

It’s short for funeral home. I had no idea! Nor did I know anything aboutAlison Bechdel’s life (except for the Bechdel Test). But after seeing this musical, I certainly know why this show won all the Tonys.

I’m so lucky to be back in the Northwest and the have Maren near me in Tacoma, especially when she has a spare ticket to a musical!