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Meet Callie

It was a weird couple of months without having a cat in the house. I had a pretty rough summer. Oh, and I started a new job, because of course. Timing, you know?


I got my fix from our neighborhood love, Panda. He’s one of the coolest cats I know, and I think he knew I needed him this summer.


At the end of September, Jeremy and I decided it was time to find a furball. We spent a few weeks checking out the lists at local shelters, and then made a day out of meeting some potential new family members. We almost gave up, but we decided to visit one last shelter to meet “Alisha.” She was a beautiful cat but we weren’t sure… until we met her. We both fell in love. Of course, she’s a beautiful gal. But she’s got sass. She’s allegedly 2 years old, but sure acts like a kitten. She also was a stray previously, so there may just be some additional adjustment time as she gets used to living in a safe place and being queen of the castle.



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There is never a right time

IMG_2869Jeremy and I are heartbroken to announce that we had to say goodbye to our sassy gal Sabrina this weekend. 7+ years with her was a gift but still doesn’t feel like enough. I was lucky enough to have her by my side through so many different adventures, including upstate NY, Princeton, and Seattle moves. Sabrina was hard not to love and she won over so many people; she even converted Jeremy to a cat-person (Jeremy in turn converting Sabrina to a lap cat). There is never a ‘right’ time, but I’m glad we were able to let her go in peace while at home with her humans by her side.


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Cookie of Death

I saw it.


I mean, first I saw the box. The human came home with several boxes. They all displayed some kind of shape, mostly round, but there seemed to be different colors. I guess they have distinct importance, but I can’t tell.

This human, well, I should say my human, she really cares about these boxes. But I think they stress her out. She keeps opening and closing them. I’m hanging out on the couch or whatever, being like, “hello, I could totally play with a string right now, you know, if someone was motivated to move it,” but of course my concerns aren’t heard.

I went down the hall to the front door. Just decided to yell for a bit. Of course my human then yells back, but what’s the point, you know? She’s just thinking she can out-yell me or something. I want more than yelling. I want to play! But at some point I cave and come back around to the living room.

That’s when I see it.

The mostly colorless round circle on the coffee table. (Sure, I know what a coffee table is. Fuck you guys!) Anyway. This round circle is the giving me the eye. Like, it really is not cool.

So I go for it. I scout around it, and then I dive in, one paw at a time. I tag it, to get it moving. Then I try to drag it closer. Once I get a solid hold I tip it off the table. SUCCESS!

I win! I win! I win!

Wait… what the fuck is this? It’s like cardboard. Or… sawdust?

Anyway. Lame.


But I still win.


And I will wait for my next moment.


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Be our guest (or get crafty)

Jeremy and I have a guest bedroom in our apartment. It’s a great asset when we having friends coming through that want to stay over. But it also holds great value as a creative outlet room.

For Christmas I scored an awesome easel on sale and decided to create an art studio spot for Jeremy. You can’t read the sign on the side, but it says “The Art Doctor Is In” in the Peanuts font. Jeremy is so creative and I love what he paints and how his brain works… so obviously I wanted him to have a space to hang out and craft.

And you could say great minds think alike, because Jeremy got me a new sewing machine for Christmas. My old Walmart machine shockingly died early in the fall. And look at the diesel machine! I previously had a Brother machine when I sewed a lot in high school and they make great sewing machines. With my sewing machine corner and Jeremy’s art studio corner, we had the perfect set up for a crafty room!IMG_5515

My first goal was to ‘liven up’ a skirt my mom sent me for my birthday. It was a cute pattern but the length did not do someone my height any favors. Jeremy’s initial response was pure laughter and telling me I looked rather homely. It was a bit frumptastic.

Look at that creeper

I took probably 6 inches off the skirt and voila! Much more versatile outcome. In hindsight, however, I wish I hadn’t shortened it as much because the ‘poof’ of the skirt probably would have rested better had I kept it closer to right above the knee. I’m not sure if that explains it, but I will likely only wear this skirt with tights and not bare legs. But hey, live and learn. And keep sewing.

Always someone photobombing

I can’t wait to tackle more design projects and I plan to focus more time on hemming, fixing, or adapting current clothing items in my closet.

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Graffiti Tagging

Maybe I’m late to the party on this one, but spray paint is fun. I have a white bathroom trash can that I’d been planning to replace because it’s boring, but then I decided I could spray paint the inside of it for some contrast. I need to buy some paints and brushes too… I think there’s potential for more elaborate designs on the sides.

Anyway. I haven’t gotten to my bathroom just yet. After several months of having a dilapidated kitchen trash can where the lid latch broke, I finally bought a new one that uses a foot pedal. It was beautiful, pristine white plastic. And then I looked at the smooth white top of it and immediately thought to myself, “yep, I’m painting the shit out of that.” I grabbed masking tape and created a very original design, and then spray painted away. It takes some getting used to for the paint flow. I probably should have held the can farther away but I was in my bathroom and didn’t properly cover any of the floor so I tried to keep the spray close. After several bursts of paint and evaluating just how saturated I wanted it to look, I waited for the paint to dry. (But I didn’t watch it) Then I peeled off the tape and voila! Awesome new trash can. Except now I kind of wish I wrote out “rubbish” instead. Plenty of white space to play with still, though.

photo 1

In other news, if I don’t come home with a second cat any time soon it’ll be a miracle. It’s kitten season and there’s been a constant flow of adorable kittens coming through. They don’t last long though — people adopt them very quickly. I feel worse for the “adult” cats no one wants who hang around longer even though they’re only around 2 years old. I’ve never had a kitten but my personal take is that if you get an adult cat you get to skip the hard stuff. Kittens require a lot of work! Also: incredibly adorable.

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Oh hey…

I’m still recovering from a busy (and super fun!) weekend away in Amherst. We get Friday off in my office for Easter and I’m so excited to do some relaxing. As a textbook introvert, I need so much time to recharge after being really active.


On an exciting note, I’m going to my first shift volunteering with kitties at a Petsmart through the humane society tonight! I’ve only worked in shelters before, so it should be interesting in a much more customer-facing situation. Also, kitties. 

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Embarrassment plus blog equals cathartic release

This wasn’t a tragedy, but to me extreme embarrassment might as well be a horrific event. And the old saying goes, “Tragedy plus time equals comedy.” Unless you’re Tig Notaro, of course.

Yesterday was a fun day off for President’s Day. Jeremy and I took a random trip to Hudson for breakfast and wandered about in the snow. I visited Amelia to catch up and watched Cougartown. Then I had to take Sabrina to the vet.

This cat was not pleased with me. She is a fighter even on the little things, so I’m not surprised I came out of the struggle to put her in her carrier with a head wound. We got to the vet, waiting amid far too many barking dogs, and found out her kitty acne was not a big deal unless it got worse. Hooray. I paid the fee and left. As I drove home with an angry meowing cat that just won’t quit, I debated about my parking situation: should I park on my block to remove the cat and then move to the garage (to avoid parking on the narrow street and impending snowfall), or should I park in the garage and just walk home with the cat.

Well, I decided to park in the garage and carry the cat home. This is doubly face-palmy because the snow didn’t even start until later today so I earned very little by not parking on the street.

The walk already starts out weird as a truck stops on a green light to wave me through the cross walk, despite cars behind him. Um, okay. I guess that’s nice but not very logical since, you know, I can cross when the light changes like normal. Then I’m a block from my apartment. I see some guys up ahead, and as I reach them (remember, I have a plastic cat carrier in my arms) one guys says, “hey, be careful it’s kind of icy right here.” I thank them and proceed like normal because I’m just in ‘time to get home’ mode and assume my boots can handle the ice. Immediately as I pass them I start sliding, slipping and wobbling for a few inches before luckily – and barely – stopping instead of falling with a cat carrier in my arms. The guys behind me say something and I think one moved to try to catch me. I just say something like “oh god!” and just keep moving, incredibly embarrassed as they call out that there’s another icy spot. I’m pretty sure I just keep saying thank you and oh my god and rambling through the shame. I stay close to the buildings and walk slowly, full embarrassment setting in. I hear a car back there stop and yell to the guys something about what just happened, and then honking. I turn around and see cars lined up and just keep on going as I turn the corner and enter my apartment.


I free the cat, fall to the ground, and try to not freak out. Scary, embarrassing, full public humiliation is very overwhelming. I pour a tall glass of scotch and immediately get in the shower.

Today I still have some lingering embarrassment and my back hurts, but I survived. And that’s the story of how I almost killed myself and my cat on an icy sidewalk. Thanks a lot, Obama winter.

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Blurred Image Lines

I’m realizing that I should probably open my curtains now that the sun is rising earlier.

photo 2

In other news, I’ve embarked on a new sewing project – finally! I got a great selection of pattern’s from the bf’s mom and my mom over the holidays. I bought some cheap fabric online to start, since I figure I’ll have to play around a bit before my skills (and short cutting ways) return to me. And as always, I realized I still don’t have fabric scissors. On the other hand, I made due for years without a full set of pins so I’ll get there eventually. The new attempt is a light spring-y bath robe. I’ll keep the updates, and the angry cat photo bombs, coming.

photo 1