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Thanks, Day Two

Wow, daily blogging. Pressure. Today will be brief, since I want to soak in the laziness brought on by my 3-day weekend before starting my new job on Monday.

Look at that face!

Sabrina: Furrious Crazius Maximus.

When I moved into my own place in Albany in February, I knew I was going to get a cat. I also knew I needed a couch, kitchen supplies, etc., and that I pretty much couldn’t afford anything. But then one day after work I stopped by the Petsmart near my office to “just check out” the cat situation. I brought Sabrina home that night. She’s a crazy little furball that constantly demands attention, tries to escape my apartment daily (she thinks the whole building is hers), but best of all she’s a buddy I always have. I can be a bit of a homebody, so having someone else to take care of not only entertains me but keeps everything in perspective when I want to just chuck all my responsibilities. As most of my friends have witnessed, she’s awesome, adorable, and hilarious. And she even forgives me after I take her to the vet (evidence below from this morning). Love her.

She tried to hide in the wires and meowed her face off.
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Weekend in Pictures

Bowling extravaganza with the stoop kids. Beer, cheesy fries and pizza, throw in a little competitive sporting, and …why don’t we do stuff like this more often?

Pearl Palooza in the pouring rain. Luckily sheltered by an umbrella. Matt & Kim are amazing live. And so was the crowd. So much fun.

Pre-show time. It rained harder but people came back for the music, balloons, and confetti.

Fancy new running shoes! Still getting used to them, but they felt pretty awesome.

This is why I’m still single?

Sabrina knows she has more ownership over this apartment than I do.

OK, maybe the hippo is part of it too.

The end.

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Random post time

It’s a fresh new year. There have already been a few twists and turns in my early 2012, and oh hey look, cat pictures!

Oh right, I’ve been apartment/cat sitting for some silly dudes.

And I’m still kicking back at my friend’s apartment with some crazy cats (I swear there are two, Sal just likes being on camera more) and all my various favorite DVDs. What can I say, I’m obviously really cool.

Donald Glover is on the screen Sal. Why aren't you paying attention??

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It’s been a nice long weekend. I haven’t done anything particularly laboring, but I’ve enjoyed the quiet weekend. It’s been around 70-80 degrees and 100% humidity. Kill me. I may pick up and move west at any moment. Outside of running errands, running, cleaning the apartment, starting a new book, drinking some good wine and catching up on life, I’ve been relaxing. And distracted.

Exhibit A:

This coming weekend I’ll train to start volunteering with cats at a local shelter in Albany. While it pains me not to be able to take another cute one into my home, the least I can do is take care of cats while they wait for a forever home. (Who am I kidding, I’ll just try to take them all home with me.)

In other news, I’ve updated my “About Me” page. I just realized how out of date it was – whoops!

And… we’re watching the final episode ever of The Wire tonight. Sad it’s ending, but wow, what a fucking amazing show.


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Things and Stuff

This clever headline of mine (it took a while) made my brain go straight to one of my many favorite Ron Swansonisms. I’m overly investing in TV shows. It happens. Just ask me about that time I drunkenly fangirled Richard Kind at a theater bar and told him how much I loved his work in Scrubs. Yeah.

Since coming back from a long weekend away in Buffalo, I’ve done a lot of stuff. I’ve worked. I go home. I sometimes run. Sometimes I run and feel good. Sometimes I run and suck. Sometimes I run a trail that has many teenage boys hanging out and drinking, and they are surprisingly nice despite tackling each other before I run through. And sometimes, sadly, you have to tell a guy to eff off after his unleashed dog freaks out and runs after you. Dude, it doesn’t help that you know your dog is harmless, being chased is freaking SCARY. #runningramblingover

Two weekends ago Collin and I hung out with our friends and took a day trip to Indian Lake for some canoeing. It was pretty fun – especially the picnic lunch while docked on the water. Collin and I weren’t the best at coordination, but it was enjoyable anyway.

Messing with Mini (tm?) continues on a relatively consistent basis.

Yesterday Collin and I took a day trip to Glens Falls. It has recently reemerged after being a bit of a desolate town previously. We picnicked at a random park and made a ground hog friend (not really, but that dude was cute). We explored the Hyde Collection, where I set off an alarm accidentally and which also had a cool NYC exhibit going on. I keep getting nostalgic for living in the city, even though I’m happy with the move – and looking forward to a future move somewhere west.

The Hyde House

We came across several cute animal related themes. It was a nice lazy afternoon. Might as well take advantage of all that is near now that we’re upstate, I believe.

Today was another busy day, but much less exciting overall. We did much necessary shopping and Collin and I visited Wal-Mart for the first time. I know it’s wrong, but super cheap clothes feel so right…

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Buffalo, Niagara Falls and the Fourth of July

I’m currently settling into my fourth week at my new job, and it’s a very strange feeling. I think I was unemployed for so long (despite having temporary work in between) that the security of going to a job every day is still sinking in. But enough of that. I totally loved having the past four days off for the 4th of July holiday. My office was closed Friday and Monday, so Collin and I decided to take advantage by going on a long weekend getaway. We decided to go to Buffalo, NY – Niagara Falls is nearby, it’s an interesting city and I’ve never been to any part of western NY so it was cool to travel through that way.

We stopped in Ithaca along the way and enjoyed beers (including cool blueberry beers!) and the scenery. We made another stop to check out a beach and some falls, as well as an unplanned stop at a cider winery (brewery?) that housed some awesome cats. Once we finally got to Buffalo we spent that night and following day enjoying the town and food and all else we came across. Their public transit was kind of fun – I do miss the subway. Driving is really not my thing, even though it has its perks at times. I still could live without it. Anyway, we walked all over Buffalo – it was fun exploring. We ended our evening before dinner at the Bird Island Pier, overlooking the Peacebridge that connects the U.S. and Canada.

On Sunday our main goal was seeing Niagara Falls, but we took many detours on the way. We first drove right over to Canada to check out Niagara-on-the-Lake, which is a town with a hypenated name I guess. It was sort of cute, very crowded with tourists, but mostly an expensive shopping strip. The ice cream was good though. And I met my new favorite cat:

We went back to the U.S. to see Niagara Falls. It wasn’t that humid, but the sun was bright and it was still hot out, so I melted as I always do. Add in the masses of tourists and my tired legs from walking several miles the day before (we are crazy wanderers, Collin and I) and I felt very worn out. Still, I soaked in the view as well as the mist from the falls.

Sunday was also Collin’s birthday – 26! – so I took him out to dinner at a cool sushi place. We used to order from a sushi place in Brooklyn almost every week the last few months we lived there, and we’ve definitely been missing that availability in Troy. After dinner we visited our new favorite coffee shot – Spot Coffee, where I heard a barista say ‘bagel’ like Britta in Community (nerd alert) – for the third time that day, we made plans to get out of town. We had planned to drive back Monday and take some more detours, but the fear of holiday traffic deterred us. So we downloaded an audio book and hit the road around 8 p.m. Luckily Collin was appropriately hopped up on caffeine because I drifted in and out until we arrived home around 1:30 a.m. Not too shabby.

Monday was a very lazy, very tired kind of day. But we still headed out to enjoy the fireworks at Empire State Plaza. We drove to a park in Rensselaer and found a spot to watch the fireworks from across the Hudson. It was fun sitting on the side of a highway watching fireworks over the river. A great weekend. Now back to reality.

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Getting Settled, Part Two

Moving is always a pain. Moving from a first floor studio to a third floor 4-bedroom walk-up is, on paper, fabulous. And now that we’re almost totally moved in, it really is amazing.

However, having only Collin and myself to carry up all the furniture we got from his parents up three flights of stairs was freaking exhausting. And on the really heavy items, like our bed frame and dining room table, I almost died. My legs are still sore and I have random bruises, but the apartment looks much closer to a real home now. Important note: Next time, we’re using movers. No. Matter. What.

I mean, how could I not be happy when you see how happy this little one is?

(However I am weirded out by her need to bury underneath the covers. Will come up with Mini-approved solution soon.)

It’s been a crazy week and a half so far. Pretty much since late April we’ve been running around like crazy people. Unfortunately, during all this Collin and I both got sick. I also suffer from the evil allergies of the East Coast, so I’ve been constantly incapacitated it seems. I may also still be sick. A doctor visit is probably in order.

So the fact that I passed out on the couch today with Tina Fey’s episode of SNL playing was totally necessary. I had finally conquered the biggest obstacle on my must-do-after-move list: register my new – 1999 Corolla, my mom’s old – car. Yeah, I own a car now. Yeah, I have fancy New York plates.

The trip to the DMV was rather painless, but leading up to today I was constantly double-checking what I needed and had to get my own car insurance for the first time ever. I had to register the car before my mom’s registration renewal was up, which put a much tighter deadline on me than the usual 30-day time frame for registering. Car ownership feels very adult to me, because it just feels so strange. I’m getting used to driving around the Troy/Albany area, though, even managing to survive when my route (directions written out and taped to the dash so I don’t get lost – very cool) was messed up due to an accident.

For now all the major tasks have been completed. I can finally settle in and start job hunting, volunteering and going out an exploring. And hang out with Collin, I guess.

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A Big Ol’ Recap

Last weekend was a busy one. It wasn’t planned that way to start, but in the end I spent half of Sunday afternoon unable to keep my eyes open. Yes, I do realize that at 24 this is kind of lame.

Anyway, Friday was a gorgeous day – a tease of spring. I thought I was heading home for a quiet night in with my new iPad2 (my dad’s love of gadgets is awesome). Collin was out with his grad school dude friends, but once other girlfriends were invading, I decided to join in too. We were at “No Name Bar” in Greenpoint. It literally doesn’t have a name yet. They had a great happy hour deal and we were the only ones there around 7 p.m. By the time we headed out on a trek for food around 9:30 the place was crazy-packed.

Task #1 - Annoy cat and look crazy with new iPad camera. Success.

I forget how much I like the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area, and if I could afford to gallivant around NYC more, I would take advantage. Anyway, we headed back toward Williamsburg, walking outside enjoying the warm weather along with just about everyone else in the area it seemed. We stopped at a busy greasy pizza spot where I made the unfortunate decision to get a spicy slice of pizza. My mouth burned and I couldn’t finish it. I can do some spicy, but I think jalapenos are my limit for now. Being hungry, drunk and tired, especially when waiting for the G train at midnight is never fun. We would have been out later, lingering at the loft of Collin’s friend, but we had important early morning plans.

Kingston in January

Up at 7 a.m. (admittedly I almost didn’t make it out the door) we picked up a rental car and headed up the Kingston, NY. It’s a cute town we’ve been to before. I won’t get into much more yet because our outing is part of bigger announcements to come, but we did have an amazing brunch involving decadent egg sandwiches. Heading straight back to NYC we had to rush to our next commitment. I wish I had a picture of my egg on croissant with avocado, cheese and tomato, but I was starving.

Woo traveling!

Our awesome neighbors were having an informal dinner party. I managed to sneak in a shower so I looked presentable. It’s always fun to meet new people and see where the conversation leads. We had to eat and run, though, because we already had plans to meet up with Collin’s cousin. It was exciting because we meet her at Branded Saloon, a bar we’d been meaning to try for a while (considering it’s about a block away from our apt, shame on us). We had good catch up, good sweet potato fries and good atmosphere. Considering Collin and I are totally riveted by Firefly on Netflix instant, the cowboy theme was extra entertaining.

Sunday was a mostly lazy day. We slept in, did laundry and then contemplated running errands. As we discussed where to go to dinner with Collin’s dad (visit for a RH conference) that evening, I slowly drifted away on the couch. Luckily I had enough stamina left to run errands, which included another round of hair dye. The light/dark contrast was starting to annoy me. I know, I know, this will be a long and painful process in growing out the old color. But I only used semi-perm dye, so no ammonia! I used medium ash brown, and I think it turned out well. Pictures soon maybe.

Now it’s Tuesday and March is almost over. Oh yeah, and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. Awesome. My office is quiet this week since the boss is on vacation with his family. We work out of the top floor of his brownstone, which means that his cat is very lonely and comes to us for affection. I think you all can guess where this is going. I freaking love that weird skittish and love starved kitty. And as if you even had to ask… I have cell phone pictures.

I heart Coco, even if she sleeps on my bags.
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Set Phasers to Love Me

My head is all over the place with this new job business. I have to get used to getting up early, which is not that hard, and getting out the door early, which is very hard. I’m tired and hungry when I get home and can’t function right away. I clearly need to plan better snacks.

But you know what makes me happy? All things Donald Glover. The Reading Rainbow theme was stuck in my head all weekend after this episode. Community is love.

And now it’s time to do a meme. Because I like silly lists and reasons to be self-deprecating and snarky.

Age: 24. The other day it took me several minutes to deduce I was not 23. Looks like I’m losing it early.

Bed size: Full. Confined by the Murphy Bed, we cannot change the size, but Collin and I practically sleep fight so I think we need a bigger bed.

Chore you hate: Taking out the trash. Because it requires heavy lifting, and I am weak.

Dogs: Not really into them. I’m a cat lady in training, as you all know. My new job even has an office cat.

Essential start to your day: Snooze button.

Favorite color: Rich blue colors.

Gold or silver: Silver. Gold is ugly.

Height: Almost 5’3″… I’ll take what I can get.

Instruments you play: I was a dancer. I made other people learn to play instruments for me to dance to.

Job title: Assistant. OF EVERYTHING! Kidding. Have I mentioned there’s a cat in my office? That’s all that matters.

Kids: They can be cute. But I definitely don’t want one growing in my uterus any time soon.

Live: Your life?

Mom’s name: Whoa whoa whoa. This is a blog. Let’s not get too personal here.

Nicknames: Suz. Sussy. Susie Q.

Overnight hospital stays: Haven’t had the pleasure.

Pet peeve: Touching strangers to get their attention. That should be a last resort, people. How about you try just talking to me to get my attention instead of slapping my arm? I will kill you!

Quote from a movie: “Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion!”

Righty or lefty: Righty.

Siblings: Older brother. Much more refined than me. I was the trouble child.

Time you wake up: Around 7:30 for work days now.

Underwear: Yeah, I got some.

Vegetables you dislike: Cauliflower.

What makes you run late: Teh internetz.

X-Rays: The regular dentist scans and a scan of my knee to see how effed up it was a few years ago.

Yummy food that you make: Egg sandwiches. I rule.

Zoo animal favorite: Wolverines! They are awesome. I may have watched a documentary on them with Collin recently as well. I want one!