Trying Something New

I really love my new boots. And I don’t want them to just be cold weather or pants-only boots. So I’m trying out wearing them with a dress (no tights!). I will say that these boots do kind of make your feet feel/look bigger, but I still dig it.

photo 2

Also, I felt like showing off some gorgeous flowers I got from a special guy ūüôā Especially because I feel like the flowers look great with¬†all the things I love most in life: coffee, scotch, and bread. (Yeah, I’m a simple gal.)

photo 1

New Kicks

As someone who loves clothes and accessories and dressing up, I really suck at shopping. If I don’t have a purpose I often can’t handle malls or stores… or I just want to buy everything. Anyway, I was stalking some cool looking comfortable desert style boots from Cushe online. They retail I think closer to $100 but a stroke of luck allowed me to grab them from Amazon for only $32. Some of the reviews mentioned they run wide or large, but luckily for me the size 8 boots fit great. I’d say I’d wear a thicker sock over a thin one, but either way they work. Today is my Friday and I’m stoked!!

photo 3

Oh hey…

I’m still recovering from a busy (and super fun!) weekend away in Amherst. We get Friday off in my office for Easter and I’m so excited to do some relaxing. As a textbook introvert, I need so much time to recharge after being really active.


On an exciting note, I’m going to my first shift volunteering with kitties at a Petsmart through the humane society tonight! I’ve only worked in shelters before, so it should be interesting in a much more customer-facing situation. Also, kitties.¬†


It has warmed up for real! Of course, my eyeballs are also itchy so that’s a clear sign it’s spring. But I’ll take the allergies if I can leave my windows open at home and sleep without bundling up. I didn’t like my outfit photos today, so here’s a look at what I’ll be wearing this weekend. I’m heading to Amherst this weekend with Jeremy (we’ll be celebrating one year together WOAH) and some friends and we’re going to get our hippie music fest and UMass wanderings¬†on. I’m SO excited!!

photo 1

Running Again

Remember that time I ran a 10k last summer? Then decided to train for a half marathon I never did because I got injured? Yeah, me too. I kept up a low level of fitness over the winter and maybe a month or so ago I just decided to sign up for a 5 mile race. It’s not a 10k, and I can do at least 3 miles, so OBVIOUSLY I can do 5… right? So it’s fair to say I did not think this through. However in the week leading up to the race I had an epiphany about the Achilles tendon pain I’d been having — I realized the cause¬†was being just a bit too short for my chair at work. I’m a fidgety person in general, and I think I got a new/different chair sometime last summer, which may have resulted in a difference that was¬†just enough to cause my tendon to be¬†out of whack. I bought a foot rest and that whole week everything started to feel better.

photo 3


I was lucky that on race day Jeremy decided to pace with me since he had done almost 20 miles on trails (and fought a bear) the day before. It was a ton of fun, despite being a bit chilly, and we got cool race shirts. Post race this morning, after completing the 5 miles at a respectable 11 minute pace, I feel sore but not debilitated. Hooray! I won’t start raising my expectations too much for my fitness, but I’d say another 10k race might be in my future in another month or two.

Today’s outfit is nothing special. After getting sushi post race and feeling really great (too great), everything started to catch up with me. I napped on my futon and then went to hang out while Jeremy and Corey made beer. A few hours later (barely 6pm) I was mostly asleep on my feet and decided to head home while I could still make it. A hazy evening and verrrryyy early bedtime still left me kind of out of it this morning. One day I want to be at the level where even 10 (okay, maybe 8) miles wouldn’t leave me destroyed for days. But for now, baby steps.

Chop Chop

As mentioned yesterday, I got a haircut finally. I have little patience with long hair and all my layers had grown out. So I chopped off a few inches and got some parted bangs. They weren’t really cooperating this morning, and they’re a littttttle shorter than I hoped, so they got the pins. All in all though I’m pretty happy with the result. Even busted out my purple party pants.

photo 2

From yesterday immediately post cut – apologies for the face… despite the whole taking a picture of my outfit daily thing, I’m not big on the selfies.¬†photo 1

Forcing My Hand

So you could call today a bad hair day… but I’ve been digging my heels in on getting a haircut for a while now, and this picture was the clincher. My hair is just too long and unstyled, and it desperately needs to be cut. Literally right after I looked at the pictures at work I made a hair appointment for this afternoon. I love doing random and major changes to my hair, but I need¬†to get a cut that requires virtually no work. That means I need to maintain a decent cut so I can wash it, let it dry and call it a day. Anyway. Tomorrow will hopefully¬†show something new!


That’s More Like It

Today has that special kind of feel in the air. It’s still cold, but crisp and against the bright sun in the morning. For whatever reason, it just brings me a feeling of being ready to conquer the world. Maybe it’s just the optimal temperature. Anyway.

If you like reading great introspective and inspirational articles on creative people, you should probably check out The Great Discontent. I don’t always identify with their more artistically focused subject — I love drawing comics, but c’mon, I am not an artist in that way. However today they posted an interview with¬†Austin Kleon, who is someone that has walked the line of art and writing in a way I can really relate to. Maybe it’s unfair, but I think the interviews with people who have a writing background and rely on writing at least a little in their work are more interesting. I mean, that’s how they work, so their insights are going to be better than those who communicate strictly through art and music. At least that’s the impression I’ve gotten sometimes through the profiles I enjoy and the ones I don’t.


As for today’s outfit, it’s nothing special. It does feels nice to not feel like I NEED to wear boots right now. Hell, I can even park my car actually next to the curb on my block now that the ice/snow has melted!