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Random post time

It’s a fresh new year. There have already been a few twists and turns in my early 2012, and oh hey look, cat pictures!

Oh right, I’ve been apartment/cat sitting for some silly dudes.

And I’m still kicking back at my friend’s apartment with some crazy cats (I swear there are two, Sal just likes being on camera more) and all my various favorite DVDs. What can I say, I’m obviously really cool.

Donald Glover is on the screen Sal. Why aren't you paying attention??

Ramblings · TV and Movies · Upstate life


At least she's always happy.

So, lets just say that a lot of things have changed in my life since Friday morning. And it’s not interesting or fun to talk about.

Community is often my comfort TV, and with the Season 2 DVD at my disposal, I’ve been using it as such.

If you want to hear something sweet and uplifting, check out Running Through Raining from Community’s composer Ludwig Goransson. Or watch Season 2 Episode 12. Unlike probably most people, the swell at the end of the episode makes me happiest watching the Shirley/Andre resolution vs. the Jeff/Annie fake out. And that’s about all the excessive TV nerd talk I’m going to let out.

On a lighter note, I really like bars that have good beer, good atmosphere and free pizza with a pint.

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It’s been a nice long weekend. I haven’t done anything particularly laboring, but I’ve enjoyed the quiet weekend. It’s been around 70-80 degrees and 100% humidity. Kill me. I may pick up and move west at any moment. Outside of running errands, running, cleaning the apartment, starting a new book, drinking some good wine and catching up on life, I’ve been relaxing. And distracted.

Exhibit A:

This coming weekend I’ll train to start volunteering with cats at a local shelter in Albany. While it pains me not to be able to take another cute one into my home, the least I can do is take care of cats while they wait for a forever home. (Who am I kidding, I’ll just try to take them all home with me.)

In other news, I’ve updated my “About Me” page. I just realized how out of date it was – whoops!

And… we’re watching the final episode ever of The Wire tonight. Sad it’s ending, but wow, what a fucking amazing show.


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Flooding Averted

While NYC seemed to ride out their apocalyptic hurricane weekend without much damage, the situation upstate here is pretty bad. Our old apartment building had some substantial shakes during the high winds and parts of the roof started to leak, but overall we were fine. We especially lucked out in that the flooding predicted in our neighborhood ended up not happening. A few more feet, though, and our street and many others would have been in serious trouble. After voluntarily leaving our apartment Sunday to stay with our much-obliging friends in Albany, I watched the news closely all day. The water slowly rose, but we lucked out.

This was Monday afternoon, a block from our apartment.

An earthquake and a hurricane with a side of major flooding? What a week it was. Growing up in California I already had my fill of earthquakes and the occasional tsnuami warning, but New York (city and upstate) sure do bring the crazy weather. Tornados, hail storms, crazy blizzards… yes, I do ask myself why I haven’t moved back to the Pacific Northwest, many times.

But you know what I really want to know? I want to know – where’s the boy, String!

Yes, I’m ridiculous in my love for The Wire – but someone else encouraged this awesomeness.

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All In the Game Yo, All In the Game.

I’m just popping in over here to say that I have nothing exciting to say. But it’s the weekend! And hey, remember how I said I get really invested in TV shows? Well, it’s happened again, and if you guessed from the headline – the target this time is The Wire. I’d heard amazing things about this show for years, but never committed the time to start watching. Since this show interested Collin too, we decided to give it a shot via Netflix.

Well, we’re definitely hooked. We’re beginning season three right now, and it’s been quite an amazing experience in TV. I’d heard more about the fifth season because of my journalism friends, but the first season really roots in the rest of the series. I’m beginning to understand what people say about how unique this show is. I sometimes feel a love-hate pull, because you know it’ll be heartbreaking, frustrating as well as amazing as you go through it. And it does so in a real way. I won’t wax on too much about this, because so many people can do it better. But I will say that I get why this show gets a solid multi-watch type of following. I spent the first half of season one not really following the characters or story very well. Then I found this recap blog by TV critic Alan Sepinwall, with two sets of recaps geared toward newbies or veterans. It’s the perfect tour guide post episode to find out what you missed and what is key.

While I enjoy so much about this show, I have a growing affinity for Omar. When you first meet him, he seems terrible. I didn’t get all the raving I had heard. Now, I get it. And I’m even more excited because the actor who plays Omar, Michael K. Williams, has been cast for Season 3 of Community as the crew’s biology teacher. Um, fantastic.

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Things and Stuff

This clever headline of mine (it took a while) made my brain go straight to one of my many favorite Ron Swansonisms. I’m overly investing in TV shows. It happens. Just ask me about that time I drunkenly fangirled Richard Kind at a theater bar and told him how much I loved his work in Scrubs. Yeah.

Since coming back from a long weekend away in Buffalo, I’ve done a lot of stuff. I’ve worked. I go home. I sometimes run. Sometimes I run and feel good. Sometimes I run and suck. Sometimes I run a trail that has many teenage boys hanging out and drinking, and they are surprisingly nice despite tackling each other before I run through. And sometimes, sadly, you have to tell a guy to eff off after his unleashed dog freaks out and runs after you. Dude, it doesn’t help that you know your dog is harmless, being chased is freaking SCARY. #runningramblingover

Two weekends ago Collin and I hung out with our friends and took a day trip to Indian Lake for some canoeing. It was pretty fun – especially the picnic lunch while docked on the water. Collin and I weren’t the best at coordination, but it was enjoyable anyway.

Messing with Mini (tm?) continues on a relatively consistent basis.

Yesterday Collin and I took a day trip to Glens Falls. It has recently reemerged after being a bit of a desolate town previously. We picnicked at a random park and made a ground hog friend (not really, but that dude was cute). We explored the Hyde Collection, where I set off an alarm accidentally and which also had a cool NYC exhibit going on. I keep getting nostalgic for living in the city, even though I’m happy with the move – and looking forward to a future move somewhere west.

The Hyde House

We came across several cute animal related themes. It was a nice lazy afternoon. Might as well take advantage of all that is near now that we’re upstate, I believe.

Today was another busy day, but much less exciting overall. We did much necessary shopping and Collin and I visited Wal-Mart for the first time. I know it’s wrong, but super cheap clothes feel so right…

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A Night In

Last night Collin was out late with some friends, so I had the big ol’ apartment to myself. It was a gorgeous day out and I satisfied my sunshine quotient well, so then it was time to relax. Last night was all about indulgences.

I started off with doing my nails. I read about this newsprint trick a while ago, so I thought I’d give it a try. Of course, I realized I didn’t actually have newspaper, but I had a literary mag pamphlet to use. It didn’t turn out that great, but it’s still kind of neat. I also decided to layer the text because not enough came off the first time – I think a real newspaper would have been easier.

It was a bit of a long process, because you have to let two layers of polish fully dry before you apply the newsprint, but I filled the time with many episodes of Parks and Rec. It’s my new show I can watch on repeat, enjoying it just as much ever time. I mean, how could this not make you happy?

Then I begrudgingly watched the finale of Glee. I only watch it sporatically, when I hear about good songs or whenever I remember. This was also set in NYC, which was kind of worth watching. Pretty much everything that happened in this episode was implausible, but I still liked watching Kurt and Rachel sing “For Good” on the Wicked stage. The only other stand out: Cheyenne Jackson. He is so unbelievably awesome. And hot. Of all the shows he’s done, I’ve only seen him in Xanadu (LOVE) but he’s done TV shows and spoofs and whatnot so I always have plenty of reasons to swoon. Why Glee hasn’t had him sing yet, I just don’t know.

(It’s a decent quality video – don’t let the screen cap fool you)

Admittedly, I’m not the most creative when it comes to eating dinner on my own. I wasn’t before I met Collin, and I’m still not now when he’s out. So I cooked up some couscous and fried an egg. Not exactly appetizing looking, but I enjoyed it.

Anyway, the point was leave room for brownies. It was necessary for me to make a bigger dent in our supply. A total necessity, obviously. Then I just kicked back and started the book I got this weekend at the fair in Hudson. A pretty good night in, I’d have to say.