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Thanks, Day Fifteen

Today, I’m thankful for sunsets. They’re pretty, and they make my drive home from work extra nice. Especially when I’m stuck behind a slow car, with a chain of cars, going 10 under the speed limit. Why isn’t there a law against that? I swear I had to learn something of that nature when I got my permit in CA. Anyway. #rantover. Sunset pretty!

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Thanks, Day Fourteen

Today, I’m thankful for podcasts. I started to get into them when I began driving here upstate, and especially when I started taking longer trips. I discovered This American Life and Stuff You Missed in History Class initially. But then I lost interest in those despite the fact that I find Ira Glass’s voice very soothing. These days I’m hooked on Marc Maron’s WTF podcasts and Dan Harmon’s Harmontown. Now that I have this long commute through a windy, rural two-lane road, I really get into these things.

So first, WTF with Marc Maron. I often don’t know or don’t think I’ll care about the person Marc Maron is interviewing on his podcast, but there hasn’t been a single one that hasn’t drawn me in. Unlike a lot of people that skip his life rambles before the interview, that’s usually what hooks me in. I’ll be listening to him talk about his life, get sucked in, and bam! awesome interview time. I just listened to his interview with Andrew W.K., who I knew nothing about and I don’t even really know his music, but holy crap that was so interesting. People with interesting voices, especially when you aren’t even sure what they look like, just take on a whole other identity in your mind. Just like reading, but with your ears!

And then there’s Harmontown (ps I just found this and I’m in loooove). Dan Harmon is a genius. Or a great rambler. And every single Harmontown has been full of so much random stuff, and sometimes I laugh so hard I think I need to pull over. Also, early on they starting playing Dungeon and Dragons during the show, and let me tell you, that is fucking awesome to listen to and picture while you’re driving. I almost get into with them, even though I can’t participate. I’m only going to be home in LA for four days, and most of that time I’m obviously booked with family, but man, if there’s a Harmontown… I might have to make that happen…

I keep saying that maybe I need to get an audio book or two to start since I listen to these podcasts faster than they’re made usually… but I also might get back on the How Stuff Works train and maybe something else that will work my brain. I mean, if I’m going to spent almost two hours in my car every weekday, I might as well do something productive, right? We’ll see…

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Thanks, Day Four

Today I am thankful for living alone (and being able to afford to live alone). There are a lot of reasons for this, but right now it’s my main focus because I’ve procured a lovely head cold the day before I start my new job, and I like being able to mope, fall asleep on the couch, and be weird without anyone else around. And no, the cat doesn’t count. The last time I lived alone was in college, and I honestly didn’t love it — I’m not sure I was ready for it back then, despite how much I love being independent. Now, it’s been a return to enjoying all the things I love on my own time and not being accountable to anyone.  I can recognize when I want to be alone, when I need to reach out to people, and I just have learned more about myself in general. Sometimes it’s lonely, but most of the time it’s awesome. And I don’t pay for heat. So really, that’s all that matters. And getting rid of this dumb cold.

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Happy Hallow-bee-n!

That heading is full of meanings: it’s Halloween (duh), my cat is a bee (squee!) and her nickname is bean (huzzah!). Lots has been going on the last few weeks, and as usual I’m going to provide a random rundown.

First thing’s first: I have a major change on the horizon. A little less than two weeks ago I gave notice at my job. Next week I’ll begin working at a new company… in Bennington, Vermont. Yes, that is going to be quite the commute, but I am really excited to embark on something new. And a little terrified, but that’s usually a sign that you’re doing something right, right?

Anyway, after spending a super fun weekend in NYC with Mary, I headed east the following weekend to visit my friend Jen. I’d never been to Boston before, and I tasked her with giving me a tour of, well, whatever. We were lucky to have a really warm weekend so we could walk around all parts of the city, have ocean-side (okay, maybe it was bay-side) drinks, go to a Hawaiian party, and tour Harvard’s campus. It was a lot of fun, and I look forward to another visit! Maybe after the winter…

This past weekend I thought I’d be in for something more lowkey since I was staying in Albany… and that was the exact opposite of what happened. Trisha was in town and she knows how to get down for Halloween. Of course, our Saturday night of dressing up was preceded by getting our shit stolen (my phone, her wallet) and getting omg-rare-form drunk the previous night. We even got Stacy to stay out, which was awesome. Yeah. I can’t be too upset about my phone since I blame myself for the loss, but it still makes me sad. What makes me even more sad? Looking at my bank account. Anyway, we still had fun! Crazy weekend.

What’s in store for next month: Mary and some other ladies are banding together to do “30 Days of Thanks” for the month of November. Since I’m a terrible blogger, I’ve decided to join in and see where this goes. More rambling and less sense making = challenge accepted.

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Albany vacation-slash-visit

I really wanted to say staycation, but then I remembered how much I hate that word. Mama Bafico finally, FINALLY, visited me this past weekend. Even back in the days when I was still in school in Oregon and we’d take a short trip to NYC for shows and the US Open, my mom would talk about wanting to see upstate. Of course, if I wasn’t living here I doubt either of us would have made it to this region, especially when there’s Oregon and Washington full of fall leaves and, lets be honest, better weather. But here I am, so here she came.

Thankfully the weather turned crisp and cool and there was an abundance of colorful trees and seasonal events to explore. Add in road trip adventures, a little pre-birthday shopping (hey, it’s only a month away), and cider donuts, and it turned into a great weekend. Getting back to reality is hard, but getting my bed back is so so exciting. Word to the wise: sleeping on a love-seat, no matter how short and small you think you are, is not the wisest decision.

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Weekend in Pictures

Bowling extravaganza with the stoop kids. Beer, cheesy fries and pizza, throw in a little competitive sporting, and …why don’t we do stuff like this more often?

Pearl Palooza in the pouring rain. Luckily sheltered by an umbrella. Matt & Kim are amazing live. And so was the crowd. So much fun.

Pre-show time. It rained harder but people came back for the music, balloons, and confetti.

Fancy new running shoes! Still getting used to them, but they felt pretty awesome.

This is why I’m still single?

Sabrina knows she has more ownership over this apartment than I do.

OK, maybe the hippo is part of it too.

The end.

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So Many Layers

It’s been pretty much a roller coaster of madness since the long Labor Day Weekend, and I don’t have much to say about it. Pretty much all good, fun, or crazy things, but I’ll just let them ruminate in my head still. However, I just finished Season 2 of Breaking Bad. WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING?! Sadly since I never thought I’d get into it, I know some major spoilers about the future, but it’s more about the journey right?* But I feel like writing , so Fill In the Blank Friday it is.

*Lies like this also repeated to myself when I accidentally spoiled a death in The Wire for myself. ARGH.

1. My favorite grade in school was probably senior year of high school. I had solid friends and fun and it was full of slacking. Pretty good memories, and if there were bad times, clearly I’ve blocked that out.

2. My favorite teacher was Mr. Jagd, my high school English teacher because he introduced me to Harold and Maude (although it was less of a “movie you must know in college” than he let on) and deep analysis of books (Gatsby, Heart of Darkness) and poetry (Edna St. Vincent Millet) that I loved. I wish I still had the notebook where we had to free write random shit all the time.

3. The highest level of education I have completed is a BS in Merchandising Management. Which I have totally made use of in my career. Totally.

4. School lunches for me were usually made by my mom and yeah, I’m OK with that.

5. The amount of money you’d have to pay me to go back to high school would be oh god no. I didn’t even have a bad high school experience, and there are many great things I get nostalgic for in terms of resetting my life, but I would never want to go back.

6. A few things that will always remind me of going back to school are: new notebooks, ringing bells, sitting out in the amphitheater, cafeteria cookies that were always way better than the ones I made…

7. The first day of school was always something that caused me great anxiety about remembering everything I needed to know, like locker combos or classroom locations. I usually never slept much the night before.

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Playing in a Thunderstorm, aka The Other Hip

Look, I’m not saying there’s a conspiracy going on, but this is the second time I’ve been playing in some kind of water with Brigette where I also take a huge fall and cause myself personal harm.

Oh is it pouring rain? I can’t hear you over our AWESOMENESS.

Or there’s that other theory that I’m getting clumsier with age.

We can FLY!

Of course the main culprit is my being unwisely impulsive (in the words of my mother, “you need to slow down”), considering my fall happened while playing leapfrog going downhill on Hudson Ave. Yeah, I know. At least my left hip got the action this time, and I have some scrapes that look like a very lazy bear tried to maul me. All good and fun, really. It did end up being a way more fun night than going running. I can attest to that.