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Adventures Near and Far

It’s been a while. Let’s just gloss over that. Life lately has been busy, and crazy, and all that.

Visiting my college best Christine in Boston (and almost dying driving around there. but worth it.) We have an Oregon reunion to plan in the fall. I CAN’T WAIT.

photo 2

Yes we are weird.photo 1

Discovering the local gorge in Troy.

photo 4 (it’s gorgeous. sorry. not.)

photo 3

Chic overnight bag style.photo 1

To visit this cute guy down in NYC for some fun shenanigans.

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photo 3

Bumming about in my Gumby best.

photo 4

I’m currently working my way through a (hopefully) short lived head cold. The heat and humidity just kind of crept in and I’m not ready. I don’t really do AC but I don’t have all the window fans out yet. I think one of my windows still has plastic on it too. Whoops.

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This clever headline of mine (it took a while) made my brain go straight to one of my many favorite Ron Swansonisms. I’m overly investing in TV shows. It happens. Just ask me about that time I drunkenly fangirled Richard Kind at a theater bar and told him how much I loved his work in Scrubs. Yeah.

Since coming back from a long weekend away in Buffalo, I’ve done a lot of stuff. I’ve worked. I go home. I sometimes run. Sometimes I run and feel good. Sometimes I run and suck. Sometimes I run a trail that has many teenage boys hanging out and drinking, and they are surprisingly nice despite tackling each other before I run through. And sometimes, sadly, you have to tell a guy to eff off after his unleashed dog freaks out and runs after you. Dude, it doesn’t help that you know your dog is harmless, being chased is freaking SCARY. #runningramblingover

Two weekends ago Collin and I hung out with our friends and took a day trip to Indian Lake for some canoeing. It was pretty fun – especially the picnic lunch while docked on the water. Collin and I weren’t the best at coordination, but it was enjoyable anyway.

Messing with Mini (tm?) continues on a relatively consistent basis.

Yesterday Collin and I took a day trip to Glens Falls. It has recently reemerged after being a bit of a desolate town previously. We picnicked at a random park and made a ground hog friend (not really, but that dude was cute). We explored the Hyde Collection, where I set off an alarm accidentally and which also had a cool NYC exhibit going on. I keep getting nostalgic for living in the city, even though I’m happy with the move – and looking forward to a future move somewhere west.

The Hyde House

We came across several cute animal related themes. It was a nice lazy afternoon. Might as well take advantage of all that is near now that we’re upstate, I believe.

Today was another busy day, but much less exciting overall. We did much necessary shopping and Collin and I visited Wal-Mart for the first time. I know it’s wrong, but super cheap clothes feel so right…