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Be our guest (or get crafty)

Jeremy and I have a guest bedroom in our apartment. It’s a great asset when we having friends coming through that want to stay over. But it also holds great value as a creative outlet room.

For Christmas I scored an awesome easel on sale and decided to create an art studio spot for Jeremy. You can’t read the sign on the side, but it says “The Art Doctor Is In” in the Peanuts font. Jeremy is so creative and I love what he paints and how his brain works… so obviously I wanted him to have a space to hang out and craft.

And you could say great minds think alike, because Jeremy got me a new sewing machine for Christmas. My old Walmart machine shockingly died early in the fall. And look at the diesel machine! I previously had a Brother machine when I sewed a lot in high school and they make great sewing machines. With my sewing machine corner and Jeremy’s art studio corner, we had the perfect set up for a crafty room!IMG_5515

My first goal was to ‘liven up’ a skirt my mom sent me for my birthday. It was a cute pattern but the length did not do someone my height any favors. Jeremy’s initial response was pure laughter and telling me I looked rather homely. It was a bit frumptastic.

Look at that creeper

I took probably 6 inches off the skirt and voila! Much more versatile outcome. In hindsight, however, I wish I hadn’t shortened it as much because the ‘poof’ of the skirt probably would have rested better had I kept it closer to right above the knee. I’m not sure if that explains it, but I will likely only wear this skirt with tights and not bare legs. But hey, live and learn. And keep sewing.

Always someone photobombing

I can’t wait to tackle more design projects and I plan to focus more time on hemming, fixing, or adapting current clothing items in my closet.

Sewing Misadventures · Upstate life

A Stalled Work In Progress

I am a big fan of sewing projects. Fabric and patterns all over the place.

'die flimsy paper, die!'
Die flimsy paper, die!

When I get rolling on an idea and have time to feed the momentum, things tend to go well. I was able to pin up all the parts of my bathrobe in one night, and cut out all the necessary pieces.


A few day passed but I will still able to make progress sewing the major pieces together. Side seams, back seams, sleeves, etc.

I have wings!
I have wings!

But now I have to add the collar. Lapel? Whatever it is, I haven’t gotten to it yet. I’ll need to have some extra care for the corner I’m cutting by not using interfacing. (And I, uh, don’t own an iron so that takes extra flattening work.)

Based on the pictures you see here, I also may take in the sizing once I’m all done. I know bathrobes are supposed to be bigger than usual, but I think this robe could stand to be more fitted to me.


I’ll check back in soon…

Less the Stress

The Best Impulsive Decision I Ever Made

Less the Stress: Day 1 – Get a Pet

New to the series? Read the first post here. One of the common de-stressors you hear about involving playing with an animal. Having a pet is known to reduce blood pressure and help you relax. Of course, I was feeling the complete opposite of those feelings the day I took home Sabrina while she screeched in her carrier and tried to bite my hand off. Two weeks after moving into my Albany apartment, I impulsively brought a cat home.

Bae caught me sleeping aka this jerk is stealing my pillow
Bae caught me sleeping aka look at this jerk is stealing my pillow

I had been planning to get a cat, but the actual adoption happened so quickly I felt like maybe it was a mistake. When the cat hated her carrier and my car so much I was certain she hated me. But then I got her home, and we started to get to know each other. This cat is the best of both worlds: she has all the pluses of a cat, and she also think she’s a dog. She’ll growl at strangers near the door, and she absolutely must follow me even if I walk to one room to get something and immediately come back.

My default assumption is that she's planning my demise.
My default assumption is that she’s planning my demise.

Playing with a pet is a great stress release. You get to be silly and run around and you have this lovable furball that just wants you to love it back. It’s pretty easy. And coming from my place of stress, it’s really helpful to have an animal in the house. I’m prone to anxiety and depressive episodes, and realizing that no matter how grumpy and laden I feel I HAVE to get up and feed the cat definitely helps with perspective. Oh, you’re sad about that dumb thing at work? Someone’s purring and wants to play. Oh, you’re stressed out about something you can’t control? Go throw a pretend mouse around and enjoy just how happy it makes your cat — for HOURS.

Look how high I am!!! Oh shit. What have I done.
Look how high I am!!! Oh shit. What have I done.

Additionally, in the last few months I’ve started volunteering at the Petsmart in Latham via the Hudson Mohawk Humane Society. Every week I work a shift with another woman and we chat and get to know the cats and meet potential adopters. It’s a great way to spend some time caring for cats in need (and trying not to get to depressed about all the surrenders with BS reasoning), and getting to talk cats for 2 hours. The good stories are endless.


Sometimes I feel like I should have given myself more time to have the freedom to be selfish and not worry about a pet, but more often than not I adore my kitty cat. And to be perfectly honest, I think keeping my cat alive has been easier than any plant I’ve ever owned (more on that later).