New Hobby

While I’m currently awaiting more funds becoming available to create my sewing corner — I currently have a chair, that’s one piece! — I’m finding other ways to channel my creative energy. A few months back I got inspired by a silly concept J was talking about one night, and thus the Eggplant Stripper was born. I love coming up with silly and absurd ideas, and now I’m able to take them one step further than just riffing on a conversation. I’ll never be a gifted artist, but I’m working on mastering my comic styling. If only I could figure out where my colored pencils are hiding.


Plus, my running has been put on hold since I ramped up too quickly. I will be cheering in Shelburne this weekend, and will still consuming all the Heady Topper and crepes I can find anyway. I’m bummed but working on healing right now.

archer badges

And hey, it’s Halloween week, and I can’t wait to bust out the big group Archer costume my friends and I have planned!