February Photo Challenge Send Off

It’s March. February has been an interesting month. This photo challenge thing was kind of entertaining but also annoying at times. Anywho. Onward!

Day 27: something you ate

balanced and healthy living ftw!

Day 28: money

intentionally blank. because I have none! but seriously. I really don’t. my bank account makes me sad.

Day 29: something you’re listening to

my work day companion. I heart you, Pandora.

The end.


Moar Photos

Day 15: Phone

I swear I’m going to fulfill my upgrade and get a cool smart phone one of these days!

Day 16: Something new

This is not what I bought, but I didn’t take a picture of it. I got a cute, tan loveseat that cost too much money and better be fucking comfortable. Yay, furnishing my own apartment!


Playing Catch Up

Life in downtown Albany is pretty sweet, especially when you have a local bar that is central to all of your friends. This is both dangerous and very awesome.

Day 8: Sun

Day 9: Front Door. Or, the first thing I saw that morning. And this is after I went to an auto car wash. Shit bombing birds must die.

Day 10: Self Portrait. Or, a portrait of my mess of a morning, which will tell you way more than a picture of my face… it wouldn’t have been pretty.


Day 6: Dinner

Or, what would have been for my dinner, except that at the very moment I pulled out these cans to start cooking I realized I don’t own a can opener. It’s like a game, discovering all the little things I need to make this a complete apartment… at least I still have a ton of left over lasagna.