Daily Duds

Bit of Color

Today is going to be an unusually warm 50 degrees (I even left a window open in my apartment to the great excitement of my cat), so I decided to bust out that spring flavor. And I’m readjusting my morning schedule since waking up in the dark is no fun. You know what is fun? Bright and colorful tights.


Daily Duds

Earning My Stripes

I was playing around with this striped dress on Monday but couldn’t find the right way to wear it while staying warm all day. A large backlog of laundry limits my sweater and cardigan layer options. While debating getting out of bed this morning this combination popped in my head. Wearing fun and colorful clothing definitely improves my mood. And even though it’s still far too cold, the sun it out! (It’s the little things)

photo 1