Daily Duds

Sleepy Monday

I was definitely not feeling this at all this morning. I fell asleep with my reading light on and the return of the more bitter cold along with dark mornings has made waking up, especially on Monday mornings, a challenge. I can tell immediately my creativity dips when it’s cold, and today was definitely just about warmth and some layers. Although a nice plaid never hurt anyone. And luckily the new WTF episode was with Lena Dunham this morning, which I am really digging. I enjoy reading about and from her, and yet I’ve still never seen Girls. If only it were on Netflix…

And now I’m realizing I wore this cardigan on Friday too. UGH THANKS A LOT BLOG. I swear I washed it this weekend.

PS I’m now booting up and realizing it’s also St. Paddy’s Day. I celebrated this weekend and it didn’t even occur to me to wear green today. Oh well.